C# dot net Courses in Chennai

The dot net course in Chennai gives you a vivid picture on how to use Dotnet framework in a real world scenario to meet the latest software trends. The agenda has been prepared based on the company standards and architectures and it would be tuned more when the technologies are upgraded in the software industry.

C# is an object-oriented language that allows developers to create many different types of .NET Framework applications. C# can be used used to create Windows client applications, Web services, web applications, distributed components, and more.

The .NET platform has evolved quickly to become a robust technology platform for enterprise application development and systems integration. More and more, companies that were traditionally Java/JavaEE based are strategically deploying both technologies by leveraging the strengths of each technology stack. For example, ASP.NET is being used to develop the web interfaces that integrate with existing Java business objects through WS-* interfaces.

The program is fast-paced and code-intensive. Upon successful completion of the 5 courses, students will have a solid understanding of the .NET platform from both the development and deployment perspectives. This infrastructure has built by Microsoft and hence the requirements are many in number across the global. The Dotnet resources are always in demand in the software industry at any time.